Ute Tray Signage

No type of vehicle spends more time in traffic during the day than Utes as your tradesmen drive from job to job. Set your fleet up with some Ute signage and Ute tray signage so that you effectively utilise the time you have on the road to advertise and reach people you won't generally reach through normal advertising avenues.

Ute tray signage provides an effective way of promoting your business in traffic and when you are parked. These signs are built to last, and suit outdoor weather conditions. Ute tray signage can be digitally printed on vinyl or colorbond panels for all aluminium-type trays. All signage is cut and tailored to fit the size of the Ute, or can be cut to your specifications if you want something different.

The sign makers at Signs Brisbane have many years of experience of working on Ute signage, and are prepared to work on signage designed for any size fleet. Draw on their expertise and work together with them to figure out the most effective styles of sign for your industry.

Get your Ute signage campaign on the road today with a call to Brisbane Signs! Reach out to us on 07 3320 3000 (Milton) or 07 3635 8500 (Nundah).

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